5/9 Live for “Europe Day”

5/9 Live for “Europe Day”

May 12, 2021 12:00 Noon in Japan time
Europe Day Celebration will be streamed on Delegation of the European Union to Japan’ YouTube at noon on 12th May 2021.
We have filmed Mio Matsuda’s performance of European and Japanese songs at Seikenji in Kyoto with beautiful weather.
You can watch the live streaming and archive on their YouTube

Mio Matsuda – Vocal
Yukihiro Atsumi – Guitar
Takashi Mori – Sound engineer
Kosuke Arakawa – Video
Miyuki Nakado – Hair & Make up
Location – Seikenji(Kyoto)
SEIRAN Records & Management



松田 美緒 – Vocal
渥美 幸裕 – Guitar
森 崇 – Sound engineer
荒川 幸祐 – Video
なかどう みゆき – Hair & Make up
Location – 栖賢寺(京都)
SEIRAN Records & Management